10 Greatest Mughal Emperors & Rulers

The Mughals, who according to Dirk Collier, liked to call themselves the Exalted Descendants of the Gurkaniya dynasty, happen to mark the most glorious period in the History of the Indian subcontinent. Not only did the world come to see this vast, rich land as an integrated, invulnerable national entity, but also saw it rise to a perigee of economic abundance, political stability and social harmony. Arts flourished like never before as the symbolism used in different religious contexts began to merge under benevolent, tolerant monarchs, and India earned it’s coveted title of the sone ki chidiya  through the burgeoning trade within and across national borders. So let’s take a few moments today and get a glimpse into this semi-barbaric, yet progressive line of rulers and emperors who left a resplendent seal on the story of our country.

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