Blue Moon

One day happiness will come to me
Draped in resplendent gold
And I will turn away from her
Wrath in my blood, frozen cold.

There’s a shining pin in my skin
For each day spent in trance 
Painting verses for the steel world
Never caring to  glance 

As the moon of my soul, revived
slept sans a lullaby 
Twisting and turning and writhing
Poisoned by each muffled cry 

Cratered and greying and aged
before his time to bloom
He mourned  the tideless waters 
From his violet tomb 

Impaled with silver beams I bled
Then seeking my old shell
And crawling into its darkness
Sang for my heart’s burial

The moon has drowned in my world
But elsewhere, has begun to rise
And when it rains outside my door
Memories burn in my eyes

They fuel my dreams ablaze
Char what’s left of my days
Hissing, they rise in steam 
Till only a carcass 
of me can be seen.